Note: Commissions are currently closed.
I currently cannot give an estimate for when they may reopen.

Thanks for taking an interest in my commissions!To check availability, please click on the form link to see if the form is currently accepting responses.Commissions are not first come first served and a slot cannot be guaranteed. Please do not contact me first if you have submitted a form, I will contact you if you received a commission slot.


Pricing for my commissions varies based on the time I estimate a particular commission to take.I charge $15 per hour of estimated work.On average, commissions I have done in the past have cost around $45-$60 depending on complexity.
Commissions for grayscale sketches typically cost around $15.
For commercial use rights, I typically charge a fee equivalent to the cost of the piece (for example, for a $45 commission, I would charge a $45 fee for a commercial use license).


If you would like an estimate for how much a particular commission would cost, but aren't sure if you want to request a commission slot yet, you can submit a quote request form using the button below.I aim to respond to quote requests as soon as possible, but unfortunately I may not be able to respond to all of them.Please note that receiving a quote does not mean you are guaranteed a commission slot.


✔️ WILL DRAW:• Animals (including pets) and Animal Characters
• Monsters/Fantasy Creatures
🚫 WILL NOT DRAW:• NSFW/fetish content
• Extreme gore (some blood is ok)
• Hateful content
• Humans, humanoids and anthropomorphic characters (anthro headshots are ok)
• Characters from copyrighted franchises, or other characters you do not own and do not have permission to use
⚠️ TERMS & CONDITIONS:• Client must provide visual reference of character or real animal to be drawn
• Client must provide at least 1 example of a style I have worked in previously to base the commission on
• Payment is made upfront through PayPal invoice
• I reserve the right to refuse or cancel a commission at will, a refund will be issued in the case of a cancellation
• Commissions are usually completed within about a week on average, however please allow at least 1 month for it to be completed (I will provide updates on commission progress upon request)
• Final artwork is sent to client via email
• Client may use commissioned artwork for non-commerical use, for example: desktop background, social media icon, print out, etc. (commissions for commercial purposes can be discussed)
• Client may make minor edits to end result such as cropping or adding filters and text, however major edits must be discussed in advance
• I do not allow the use of my work for the creation of NFTs or other digital tokens and crypto/blockchain schemes
• I do not allow the use of my work for the purposes of training AI/ML models and datasets

If you have any questions about my commissions not answered here, feel free to reach out to me with your question via Tumblr DM (@lazer-t), Twitter DM (@lazer__t) or via email ([email protected]) for details. Please note that due to high amounts of spam, Twitter DMs are the least reliable way of contacting me.Note that I am busy and unfortunately cannot respond to every inquiry.